Week 11 -Spinning

Week 11. 2 runs.  2 cycles on road bike and one on the MTB; total 85 miles. 6 miles run. Week 11 was a really good week. I got a lot of training and playing done. Focusing less on the marathon and getting out cycling was the theme. Monday and Wednesday I ran 3 miles at lunch time. […]

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Week 9 and 10 – Back on it

Week 9. No runs. 3 cycles on road bike; total 44.75 miles. 0 miles run. Week 10. 2 runs.  1 cycle on road bike; total 30 miles. 5 miles run. Another merged blog but hopefully the last for a long while. I can into week 9 having been wiped out by illness for over 2 weeks and only 1 small […]

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Weeks 8,7,6 – A sorry mix

Week 6. 1 run. No cross training. 13.9 miles run Week 7. 1 run. No cross training. 3.2 miles run Week 8. no runs. No cross training. 0 miles run The fact that I have had to merge three weeks into one blog should tell a story. The last two weeks have been wiped out by a virus and I […]

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Week 3 – weak knee

Week 3. 3 runs. 1 turbo trainer session. 17.3 miles ran. Better late than never with this post. Initially I put this off because at the end of week 3 my knee was bad pain misery, then other things took over my time. My long run on week 2 was postponed due to a holiday […]

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Week 2 and a bit

Week 2. 3 runs. No cross training. 10 miles ran. Week two didnt go as planned at all. 7 miles shorter than as planned. On the monday I went for  a 30 min run near my house then nothing happened till Friday. Thursday was my birthday and we drove north to Skye then onto a […]

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