Back on it

Week beginning 05/06/17 – 4 runs. 16.1 miles total
Week beginning 12/06/17 – 4 runs. 15.9 miles total

March and the start of April went well but then the knee stopped play again. I had been upping my running distance too quickly and within 3 weeks went from zero miles to a 10 mile run. The knee then spent a week inventing new swear words to call me. I rested it over May and we became friends again so I started back training first Monday in June with its consent. The plan now is to train 4 days a week. To start with I am going to only run and I will try to do as much zone 2 training as I can stomach to get a good base of fitness back and to keep an eye on the knee. It has been going well so far.

Week one and week two had a similar pattern. 3 runs about 5k; Monday, Wednesday and Friday; followed up by a slow 10k on Sunday. Running in the evenings has been come difficult with the wean so I am getting up and out running before 06:30 on the week days. The thought of this was misery but the reality is actually really nice. Wee run, shower, breakfast then train to work. Nice routine.


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