Back to play

This is my first blog in a very long time. Not much has happened on the training and play front since then. In the whole of 2016 I managed to run just over 250 miles and only cycled a small bit more than that. I spent most of last year unable to play due to my knee injury.

At the start of July 2016 I decided to try something different. A combination of kettlebell training and yoga in the hope that they could help the knee. I had never trained with kettlebells but a good friend has been going on about the benefits of them for years. I enrolled in a beginner’s class to learn the techniques correctly and then started to attend classes at a sports centre. Kettlebells are amazing for working your legs, glutes and core. I can not recommend them enough. The benefits to my knee injury was much more than I had expected. The extra muscles in the quads, hamstrings and glutes seemed to be stabilising the knee.The yoga was useful was stretching out the muscles and helping my balance. I stuck with this combination for three months but two things got in the way. Firstly the kettlebell instructor left his job and moved country. I tried many other class in different sports centres but most them offered classes that were more like weight training using kettlebells than actual kettlebell exercises so I bought a set of kettlebells and gave up on the classes. Secondly, the yoga classes filled up very quickly and I was missing a lot of weeks as I was not able to get a place in a class so I gave up trying.

October, November and December have been lazy months due to work and the very exciting news of our baby girl being born on 4th November. In December I hooked the road bike up to the turbo trainer to test the knee and started the long journey of regaining my lost fitness. Turbo trainers are so dull but I find them very useful to get fit. You work so much harder per fake mile than you do for a real mile outside. I have started using Zwift as a way to ease the boredom and to help motivate me. I will blog about it when I have used it some more.

I am now past the anniversary of the injury and I am finally starting to feel like the leg can handle some running and cycling. I begin 2017 very overweight and very unfit but I am motivated to do something about both problems. I really value being physically fit and I love play that involves pushing myself physically. First thing to aim for is the Coniston 14 which is at the end of March. On 1st January I went for a small run along the shore front in Ayr. It was slow and I felt horrid partly due to running very soon after a huge meal. I hope to be able to turbo train, run and road cycle over January. I also need to be using the kettlebells for strength work. Fingers crossed the knee wants to play too.



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