Week 14 – 1 in 4

Week 14. 1 run.  1 bit of swimming and floating about in Coniston Water. 14.5 miles run.

Quiet week due to the knee. I spent Monday to Friday resting and stretching the legs at least twice a day.

On Wednesday evening I was meant to be taking part in a 10k trail race but had to no show because of the knee. Been a terrible year for injury and sickness stopping play. Out of 4 events I have entered I have only been able to turn up for 1 so far. As I wont be making the marathon the month will end with 1 in 5. I feel like I am not getting fit at all despite going out to play when I can. It is all very frustrating.
To add it my constant tiredness and feeling that I could sleep all day every day is getting me down. I am going to go speak to my GP and discuss my medication as I feel it is playing a big factor in making me feel so lethargic all the time.

Onto the weekend. On Friday night I drove down to Kendal to stay with some friends for the weekend. Mikey had found some long walking route on the internet, tweaked it to involve less road sections and reckied most of it in two trips. It was an amazing looking route in the Lyth Valley. It also looked way too much for my fitness at this time but I was up for going out and seeing how far we would get. The plan was 23 miles with about 3,000ft of overall climbing.
The start of the route took up through Kendal then up to the golf course. The view of the limestone valley south and the main lakeland fells was incredible from here. We then climbed up to Cunswick Scar

Looking towards the scar
Looking from Kendal to the Lyth Valley
Cunswick Scar
Cunswick Scar

From here we travelled across fields and through woods to Underbarrow. Some of the terrain was tough going but it’s a beautiful route. The run was being broken up by stops for pictures, navigation, eating cake, putting on sunscreen and stuff. The pace was also slow which suited my knee and lowered my chances of bailing out after 5 miles.
The weather forecast had been mild and cloudy. Liars! It was very hot and sunny. There was also very little in shade so we were hot.

Lakes trail
After Underbarrow we travelled across more fields to Crosthwaite then up to Whitbarrow. The initial climb was very steep so we walked for a while. The middle section of the climb was in woodland and we were able to run at a quick pace. The last section to the top was on very rough ground and in the baking sun. By the time we got to the top my knee was in a lot of pain and I was getting tired. We stopped for 15 minutes to eat and rest. The view from up there is well worth the effort to get up.

view from Whitbarrow
View from Whitbarrow
top of Whitbarrow
Top of Whitbarrow

Getting off proved to be interesting as we pushed our way through gorse and over the hole filled limestone pavement to find a path that the map assured us was there. After the steep descent we traveled along the bottom of the scar for a few miles. My knee finally gave up after 14.5 miles. We walked and limped to a pub about half a mile away, had a pint and called for a lift. Was such a great half day out playing. But my knee pain and my lack of fitness both made an appearance again.

On the Sunday morning we went for a quick swim in Coniston Water. It was very cold for the first five minutes, brrrrrr. To be honest I spent more time floating about relaxing than actual swimming but it was good fun.

I am hoping week 15 will bring less knee pain and more days running. I will stretch each day and just see how it goes.


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