Week 12 – Mind affects body

Week 12. 1 run.  1 cycle on the road bike; 41.5 miles. 3.1 miles run.

Not a lot of training this week. My body has been very tired and I have needed the rest. This was not from training or play. I have had a week where my anxiety problems have been bad and this leaves me bodily tired. Several times this week I said to myself that I would get out running but by the time I got him from work I was worn out.

On Friday I went for a short run at lunch time. It was hard going but I did a 5k and in a good time. Actually felt a lot better for it.

Saturday morning I went out for an early cycle with Allan. I really struggled to warm up and the climbing felt horrid. Legs were tired and heavy despite doing not a lot all week. We cycled from Erskine, over the bridge, up to Drymen via Carbeth and past the Queen’s View car park, west to Balloch, then along the cycle path, up and over the bridge. It’s a route I have done many time before and it’s lovely. Weather was grand. When I left the house it was -2c but it was about 10c when we finished. Because of all the snow on Friday the views north to the mountains was incredible. Tired body but happy head at the end.

The last few weeks I have not managed much running. But in April I cycled over 200 miles. In week 13 I need to start running more often and for longer distances. I have finally decided not to run the marathon. I may run the Loch Ness Marathon in September instead. This means my focus can shift to the ultra and the triathlon in August. Enjoying the cycling and want to build up my mileage. Not specifically as training. Motivation for this is just fun.


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