Week 11 -Spinning

Week 11. 2 runs.  2 cycles on road bike and one on the MTB; total 85 miles. 6 miles run.

Week 11 was a really good week. I got a lot of training and playing done. Focusing less on the marathon and getting out cycling was the theme.

Monday and Wednesday I ran 3 miles at lunch time. Both runs felt good and I averaged under 8 min miles on both runs. Nothing exciting just plodding round paths near work.

On Thursday evening Martin, Allan and I went out for a cycle after work. Weather was perfect for it. For at least the first half we keep moving at a quick pace. Martin choose the route and it was relatively flat. From the village we cycled south west down to Irvine then along the coast to Troon where we went north (kinda) to the village. In the end we did 40 miles and my legs were very tired on the last few miles. Was buzzing afterwards. Good company and good scenery.

I had a rest day on Friday then on Saturday morning I went back out on the road bike with Martin. He was out for a long ride but I only went along for about 25 miles. We did a fair amount of climbing on this ride; From the village up to the windfarm then a few climbs on roads Martin called “shortcuts”. I think “shortcut” is Martin code for I found another hill to cycle up. I am still slow on the ups but can feel myself getting stronger already. Great way to start a weekend even if we did start at 8am after drinking Martin’s homebrew wine the night before.

On Sunday Chris and I drove out to Loch Thom to cycle the cuts. On Week 5 I ran round the Kelly cut and it was lovely. Turns out it is just as nice to cycle. My legs were very tired from the cycling I had already done this week so I was slow and stopping on the steep climb up from the bottom of the Kelly Cut back to the visitor centre. There was a change of route from the run because the last 2 miles would not be suitable for a bicycle so we had to cut off downhill at the end of the Leapmoor forest and use the road to access the Greenock Cut. As we climbed up the road we meet some cyclists in the middle of a 100k road sportive. Chatting with them made the climb go quicker. From the visitor center we went round the Greenock Cut anticlockwise. The Greenock Cut is a much easier cycle but the views are good north to the mountains. If you MTB near glasgow this wee route is one to do.

I am feeling a lot more motivated and happier after week 11. Great to get out cycling so much and spinning those miles will have really helped my fitness. Plan on week 12 is to get back running properly again.


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