Well 2017 involved very little in the way of exercise or blog activity. The first half was hampered by the knee injury which lasted for a year and a half; I really hope it doesnt come back in 2018. The second half was limited by mental health problems and more specifically how tired and how […]

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Back on it

Week beginning 05/06/17 – 4 runs. 16.1 miles total Week beginning 12/06/17 – 4 runs. 15.9 miles total March and the start of April went well but then the knee stopped play again. I had been upping my running distance too quickly and within 3 weeks went from zero miles to a 10 mile run. […]

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Back, knees and heels

Just a short update today. My last blog post read like a bold manifesto for the fat and unfit party. It laid out in detail what happened last year and it ended with a declaration to get fit again and lose weight with some vague details of how I hoped to achieve that goal. Well, […]

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Back to play

This is my first blog in a very long time. Not much has happened on the training and play front since then. In the whole of 2016 I managed to run just over 250 miles and only cycled a small bit more than that. I spent most of last year unable to play due to my […]

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Week 14 – 1 in 4

Week 14. 1 run.  1 bit of swimming and floating about in Coniston Water. 14.5 miles run. Quiet week due to the knee. I spent Monday to Friday resting and stretching the legs at least twice a day. On Wednesday evening I was meant to be taking part in a 10k trail race but had to no […]

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Week 13 – Unlucky for knee

Week 12. 4 runs.  No cross training. 21.5 miles run. Well that was a week of ups and down, down, downs. I finished the week with a recurrence of the knee injury and a shock on the scales. Not cool. The week started with a bank holiday day off work. Whoop whoop. I had a lie in then […]

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Week 12 – Mind affects body

Week 12. 1 run.  1 cycle on the road bike; 41.5 miles. 3.1 miles run. Not a lot of training this week. My body has been very tired and I have needed the rest. This was not from training or play. I have had a week where my anxiety problems have been bad and this leaves me bodily tired. Several […]

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